Catchem-PoGo v1.5.3.0 – Database storage, Pokemon info, Route creator data

Extra features (from PokeMobBot) project

  • [Discovery pathing function -> bot continue to walk in radom direction from pokestop to pokestop, it pick closest pokestop each turn!]
  • [Detailed info for every Poke you have]
  • [CustomRoute feature! You can create custom routes right from UI]
  • [Manual Transfer/Favorite/Evolve/LevelUp/Recycle from UI!]
  • [Batch creation of accounts]
  • [Bot schedule! Set desired working time for every day of the week!]
  • [Force move option, just double click to the map and bot will start moving there!]
  • [Proxy support]
  • [All settings from UI]
  • [You can set startup location from the map, just select the bot (don't hit Start), go to the map tab, and just double-click to desired position]
  • [Full controll of your inventory/poke]
  • [Smooth controll of movement speed on the run via MoveSpeedFactor slider]
  • [Make map follow your player]

Update 09/19/2016:

  • Build 54 released (Download below)
  • Import/export for routes added.
  • Marker move added (hold CTRL)

Update 09/17/2016:

  • Build 44 (download below)
  • TW + German translations added
  • Settings labels autofit to the text size now! Easier for our translators to translate it properly now!

Bug reports during the night fixed, move UI autosize added for different languages, curernt language list:


Update 09/14/2016: Database storage, Pokemon info, Route creator data


New features:

  1. Now all pokestops/poke/mapzen elevation being stored at the local database, located in theConfig folder, I know it is not a big difference for you guys, but that change open new options for the future!
  2. Poke tooltip changed a bit, now it display CP for that pokemon after Evolve!

  3. As the result of database storage, now you can see pokestops and seen poke location on the map

    Show exact poke on the map - option replace poke spawn zones with exact poke icons

    Remember, if you run bot for a long time, it will record a lot of spawn points, and it will be hard to see exact poke, so I recommend you to use that spawn zone feature for that
  4. A lot of logic fixes, GitHub issues, etc... I have been working 2 days in a row to clean the code, so it should be much better now.
    In addition, I want to say thanks to everyone who send useful GitHub Issues with detailed info, you help lot, lads!
  5. New player tab!

  6. New Poke tab!

  7. Translations added! You can change UI language now! (not all languages are done yet, feel free to help with it

  8. Import/Export for routes
  9. Action Queue!