Rare Spawn Location PokeFeeder (PoGoLocationFeeder)

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2016)

This is exactly the enhancement you need to gather rare and high IV pokemon alike during long botting sessions. The bot is constantly pulling from popular discords and json feeds which aggregate the latter.

Download the latest build:



This is a standalone server that will scrape messages containing Pokémon to snipe from a Discord channel. It will parse those messages and broadcast them to connected clients as JSON objects.

NOTE: Client integration with NecroBot supported as of 4.0 release.

PogoLocationFeeder (PogoLoco) is designed to interface with NecroBot (and recent forks thereof) to allow it to automatically snipe Pokémon posted to dedicated Discord sniper channels.

The wikis of both these respective projects have configurations guides that explain client-side sniping settings.

How to Configure

Building from source will always keep you up-to-date with the latest features and bugfixes. That said, the latest release may also be found on the releases page.


After building the project and running the executable for the first time, follow the on-screen instructions and fill out the config.json file. Make sure you connect your discord account with NecroBot and PokemonGo Rare Hunting first.

Here’s a config example:

  "Port": 16969,
  "usePokeSnipers": true


NecroBot’s config.json file contains the following relevant options:

  "SnipeAtPokestops": true,
  "MinPokeballsToSnipe": 0,
  "SnipeLocationServer": "",
  "SnipeLocationServerPort": ,
  "UseSnipeLocationServer": true,
  "UseTransferIVForSnipe": ,
  "MinDelayBetweenSnipes": 5000,

  "PokemonToSnipe": {
    "Locations": [
         "Latitude": "",
         "Longitude": "<...other than those used by this bot>"
    "Pokemon": [

Additional Information

NOTE: Current GTX pathing in NecroBot does not give ample time to the sniper task. I will update this message when the logic is fixed.

A reasonable default list of NecroBot config.json sniper settings may be found at: Ilses’ PokeSnipe List V1.3


Discord: @Ilses#9123

NecroBot Setup Description

With this setup, NecroBot will rely on a separate location feeder service instead of the config. This service will run on the same machine as NecroBot to supply dynamic Pokemon locations from the Discord server channels for sniping.

  1. Open Necrobot’s Config.json
  2. Make sure your values are set like below:
    "SnipeAtPokestops": true,
    "SnipeIgnoreUnknownIv": false,
    "SnipeLocationServer": "localhost",
    "SnipeLocationServerPort": 16969,
    "UseSnipeLocationServer": true,
  3. Run Necrobot
  4. Pogofeeder should give you a new notification about a connection from
  5. If you start getting notifications about Pokemon in PogoFeeder, you set it up correctly. You should see Necrobot attempt to catch some of the Pokemon, but it will only catch them all depending on how quick Pogofeeder finds the coordinates.



If UseGPXPathing is set to false, Sniping will execute every Pokestop.


If UseGPXPathing is set to true and GPXFile is found, Sniping will execute every second or based on the value in milliseconds for MinDelayBetweenSnipes (whichever is higher).

 All builds of PogoLocationFeeder available for download




PogoLocationFeeder-Release-V0.1.7 Skiplagged verification integrated, bugfixes

PogoLocationFeeder-Release-V0.1.6 Filter integrated, bugfixes

PogoLocationFeeder-Release-V0.1.5 PokeZZ & pokewatchers


PogoLocationFeeder-Release-V0.1.3 PokeSnipers2 integration

PogoLocationFeeder-Release-V0.1.2 new GUI

PogoLocationFeeder-Release-V0.1.1 Hotfix


PogoLocationFeeder v0.0.2.1

PogoLocationFeeder v0.0.2