PokeRoadie - Safe Pokemon Go Botting with lots of features

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2016)

– “Bot Safely to Level 40”

“A great, safe to use bot with many features.”

Advanced PokemonGo Bot

Extremely easy to use fully featured bot which will play the game for you when you cannot. Harvest pokestops, collect pokemon, transfer, evolve, all automatically. Checkout the full list of new features in our WIKI

In the beginning, There was a game which many felt the need to pillage in a programmatic fashion.

FeroxRev wrote the .Net wrapper for talking to the PokemonGo servers. This included generation of classes which represented the data, and the foundation for communicating using them. PokeRoadie uses a 99% pure FeroxRev API implementation, so he is responsible for quite a bit of the code.

Necronomicon picked up the API and built his bot, and led the development of many features still found in PokeRoadie today. The first walking, harvesting, transfer, evolution code was thanks to him. In many ways, this is some of the toughest code, because it was a discovery process, and there was no expert on the subject. He just had to become one.

DetectiveSquirrel was responsible for the console coloring which is still in place today!

Spegeli forked Necronomicon’s bot, and put in work to add new features. He started digging into configuration possibilities, and advanced logic. PokieRoadie was forked from his bot, and it is nice to start with a well done piece of code.

Disdain a rapper… but, I program a little too. I just found this fun, and decided to help out by throwing in my 2 cents. I forked it, but it will never be done.”

I Like What I’m Seeing!
There is no denying science, and that is the reason the True Value calculation works. Need proof? It has organically grown this inventory over 1 week, evolved them, and transferred ones it deemed unfit based on True Value. It seems to be bubbling up some pretty nice stuff.


  • Global Destinations
  • Enhanced Statistics
  • Flight Travel
  • True Value
  • Speed Randomization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Catch Control
  • Configurable Recycling
  • Re-written Settings System
  • Move/Attack Data Integration
  • New Transfer System, and the list goes on

For those of you who love Customizing settings, we have worked on those in as well!


Re-worked the evolution system, more configurable, now with the following settings:

  • EvolvePriorityType
  • EvolveAboveCp
  • EvolveAboveIV
  • EvolveAboveV

Other new settings:

TransferTrimFatCount Setting

Trim the Fat option now added! If your pokemon inventory is full, it will pull X number of your worst pokemon (based on TransferPriorityType) and ditch them to make room for better ones.

FlyLikeCaptKirk Setting

Wouldn’t it just be easier if we could beam to each location!

PingStopsWhileFlying Setting

Perform air stunts and attempt to pickup pokestops while traveling at 250 kph.

UseIncense Setting

Use incense automatically.

UsePotions Setting

Heal pokemon automatically.

UseRevives Setting

Revive fallen pokemon automatically.

Touching Gyms!

I have started touching the gym objects, everyone beware. Already added the first gym feature, can you find it?

Plus, there is more I can’t even remember right now. In this revised edition, we have worked on bypassing the soft ban and perm bans being handed out by Niantic. We want everyone to be able to bot safely!


Added MinDelay & MaxDelay settings and set defaults to 1500-2500.
Minimized getMapObjects calls
Minimized getInventory calls
Added dirty inventory detection
Improved True Value Calculation

Usage Instructions

  • Download from below
  • Run the executable
    • – Enter PTC or Google account info
  • If you need configuration settings, use a text editor on files inside Config folder


PokeRoadie GitHub & Official LATEST Release Downloads

PokeRoadie - 2016.9.20.1