Pokecrot GUI Latest Version Download – Bot Pokemon GO 2016 (Anti Softban)

Pokemon go latest tips

In general, the game pokemon go this must capture and battle pokemon to raise the level, because the genre of the game is location based game that utilizes technology AR (Augmented Reality) so to play the game inikalian must be out of the house, but my friend just calm deh with this app my friend does not need to leave home to play pokemon games go, only to lie down or dumis (sit) in front of the house, only to install the latest pokecrot for pokemon go

Screenshot Pokecrot :

By using Bot Pokemon Go will make you easier to capture and leveling is not to necessarily around the complex and walk away struggling, just with this application all so completely easy deh, there is automatic farming, automatic catch, automatic pokestop, and the problem is not little feature that I have not mentioned in the application of this bot sure my friend was mengistal android emulator to play pokemon go on the computer


  • Update Version 1.2 (26-07-2016)
  • Pssst You Can Change your cordinate to start first location bot (25-07-2016)
  • Add Multi Account , Human Walking (25-07-2016)
  • Add Filter Auto Transfer , Auto recycle item , Auto Evolve (25-07-2016)
  • Fix Bot Crash with Added Auto Generate Token (25-07-2016)
  • Added New Map Location (25-07-2016)
  • Beta Release (24-07-2016)

How to use pokemon go Pokecrot bot:

  1. Download bot sekarang pada link dibawah
  2. Extrak File Ke Desktop
  3. Setting ID & Password Kalian Di (accountsGoogle.txt/accountsPtc.txt)
  4. Setting Account Google / PTC di setting.ini ( True = Yes / False = No )
  5. Setting Cordinate , Auto Transfer & Auto recycle Di setting.ini ( True = Yes / False = No )
  6. Setting Filter Recycle Item di itemRecycleFilter.ini
  7. Jika Sudah Silahkan Buka Pokecrot untuk start farming

video tutorial

Update Latest Pokecrot:

PokeCrot now update again pal initially in version 1.2 are all now pokecrot auto bot farming v1.7 now there are some features of the latest pokecrot latest v1.7 update July 2016 cool cool , in the version that is to 1.7 buddies will be in make it easy to adjust the item or pokemon fishing buddy or buddies wanted to sell. in this version becomes further easy even very easy, and also bugs or errors that exist in previous versions already be restored and can be overcome already features in the update by the developer.

Pokecrot latest update v2.7:

This time pokecrot update release of 30 July 2016 in the version that this latest pokecrot an improvement in problem empety pokestops has been fixed ok coy + Add feature keep pokemon roomates can be evolved more and more perfect just pokecrot, let update now for enjoy and try out the latest features of its pokecrot update v2.7.

Pokecrot latest update v3.0:

update buddy now pokecrot rise again ya versioned last version pokecrot v2.8 and v2.9 pokecrot now update again, so pokecrot v3.0 let his buddy download pokecrot pokecrot more perfect now than ever with the features that made the previous features buddy more so easy.

Pokecrot latest update v3.1:

updates about pokemon go hack, updates again ya buddy latest pokecrot pokecrot v3.1 now has the addition of its newest and make it more perfect pal let's update the application

Pokecrot latest update v3.2:

this time i will share the latest update of pokecrot , at the time this update pokecrot add more features perfect , ie level up hack, unban from the soft tire, best hack ever, 100k xp is 20 Minutes. added cool and reliable anymore right , let's update pokecrot, here free.

Pokecrot latest update v3.3:

updates its cool too cool and there are also additional features cool unbanned let enjoy this app updates feature cool cool and reliable once, error pokecrot also almost no . and I think will update in pokecrot v3.4 wait for more information pal.

Pokecrot latest update v3.4:

updated the latest version update again in the latest v3.4 pokecrot well in this version pokecrot provide more cool additional features are anti banned, refinement Auto farms pokestops, auto catches pokemos. pokecrot error refinement and many others let the software download pokemon go pokemon go auto bot farming latest pokecrot. will likely again gan pokecrot v3.5 update, wait for its update gan. Good luck again.

Pokecrot latest update v3.6:

guys update nih pokecrot auto bot farming level up pokemon go of her, in his version of the latest Pokemon go has the latest features ie fix pokemon list of forbidden error, add spain, brazil Turkey language (another language soon), and to issue erornya still not available . please update pokecrot again. wait for updates pokecrot v3.7, v3.6 pokecrot wah turns finals has been my friend, now download the final pokecrot full version in the download link I have provided. This is an application for a friend who would know the saving grace of this application.

Pokecrot latest update v3.9:

was again grace pokecrot an update again on the last version pokecrot v3.9, earlier in pokecrot latest v3.7 is a feature fix IV / perfection calculation + add france, russia language (another language soon) + tutorial.txt (please read for error fixed), there is now pokecrot in version 3.9 is the latest pokecrot add features fix the bug issue, add egg incubator (still in the process of recovery, disposable pokecrot 3.8 first well), well please ok for my friend who wanted to update pokecrot here is my provide complete with a download link.

Pokecrot latest update v4.0:

was again pokecrot update and work on the new railway has been well now create pokecrot pemain please download ya pokecrot and do not forget to help share.

Pokecrot latest update v4.1:

at this time updates that add new features that pokecrot added GUI MENU + fix the virus problem, now our bots very clean pal let's download it now for the latest version

Pokecrot latest update v4.2:

Wow this update again in its updates that this interface is already there , and in addition there is the addition of the latest features of his will enhance pokecrot previous versions of the fix high CPU Bug, now for my friend who want to download please link already in provide.

Pokecrot latest update v4.3:

pokecrot latest updates in this latest pokecrot added a cool feature that live map inprovements (Starpoint, Route, botposition, circle), so you can tell where the location of bot , adds the pal let's complete the download now and play

Pokecrot latest update v4.4:

pokecrot latest, this time equipped with cool features that pokemon list Fix error, livemap improvements (Can Now Show Pokestop), let's try it now

Pokecrot latest update v4.5:

updates and downloads pokecrot pokemon go bot latest v4.5 (work August 2016) - update the latest version of its latest v4.5 provides the latest pokecrot and adding features Move Pokemon API Server From Ar1i Server to Pokecrot server , what pokemon nangkep have fun without having to walk using this pokecrot, let's update the buddy and feel the difference

Pokecrot latest update v4.6:

download and update v4.6 pokecrot auto bot farming go pokemon latest update again, the latest v4.6 pokecrot pokecrot in its latest version has different features from the previous no proxy support additional features, fixes egg incubator so more exciting wah nih gan play pokemon go pakek pokecrot, well for my friend who wants to download the application GUI pokecrot this please in the link I've provided below. good luck

Pokecrot latest update v5.0:

Download Gratis Update Pokecrot GUI lates version v5.0 New Interface Auto Bot Farmign Level UP Pokemon Go - update again pokecrot latest version with different interfaces so that my friend could use pokecrot this easier, but it pokecrot features the latest tablets, feature additions Sexy GUI, More Config To Make Your Account Not Get Banned, Rename Pokemon, Setting catch Ball, Throw Setting Chance, More Translate, GPX pathing, MultiBot. possible you will be easier get his pokemon and quickly level up. pokecrot free download here pal

Pokecrot v5.0 NEW Features:

  • Work New API
  •  fix pokemon list forbidden error
  • Multi account Bot
  • Auto Farms pokestops
  • Auto Catches Pokemons 
  • Auto Evolves Pokemons
  • auto Recycle Items
  • Humanwalk Logic
  • Anti Softban
  • Keep pokemon which can be evolved 
  • add spain
  • brazil Turkey language
  • another language soon
  • fix bug issue
  • add egg incubator 
  • fix IV / perfection calculation + add france
  • Rusia language (another language soon)
  • Tutorial.txt (please read for error fixed) 
  • added GUI MENU
  • fix virus problem 
  • fix high CPU Bug 
  • live map inprovements (starpoint, Route, botposition, circle) 
  • Move Pokemon API Server From Ar1i Server to Pokecrot server 
  • proxy support, 
  • fix egg incubator 
  • Sexy GUI,
  • More Config To Make Your Account 
  • Not Get Banned ,
  • Rename Pokemon,
  • Setting Catch Ball ,
  • Setting Throw Chance,
  • More Translate,
  • GPX Pathing,MultiBot

Tutorial/How to use Pokecrot 4.6:

Tutorial with English - who understand can directly see how to use the latest pokecrot v4.5

How to solve error latest Pokecrot:

So far for the application of the latest pokecrot Gui v1.7 / v1.8 / v1.9 / v2.0 / v2.1 - 2.7 still no error is detected because this application is an application updates from the previous version is v1.3, now to hack pokemon fans who use this application to get the problem pokecrot pokecrot error, for pokecrot bot please in comment on the bottom colom already available / please update application, enjoy the game pokemon go. do not forget bot latest pokecrot already here
That's all I can say in the article bot pokemon Hot Download Free Auto Bot Farmign Level UP Pokemon Go 2016 Work 100% Test OK, well now for my friend bot latest pokemon go who want to download the game mod latest please visit the collection of downloadable games mod latest and if my friend would like to download the latest mOD BBM Please visit bbm mod download the latest collection

Always visit this article gan because it will always update the information pokecrot, very responsive once

How to use the anti-error work pokecrot new API:

How to use the Pokemon go Pokecrot Bot v4.0

in his version of the latest is the interface still no , and now still a little complicated, that do not understand the programming language is very difficult, well here I pack as much detail as detailed and as easy as simply how to use pokecrot the latest, at the start of the account settings , setting the location of substantially all smokers to work 100% see again.

Setting account the latest Pokecrot

how to set up the account is indeed difficult pokecrot v4.0, before my friend had to file have pokecrot's latest v4.0, thereafter mate extract and right click on the file PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe.config well after that open it in notepad ++ application that easier gan, see picture below

How to sign pokecrot account the latest

pokecrot v4.0 to get into this thing to my friend to do is, first, if my friend uses PTC account using the change in the circle in the image below with PTC, otherwise if using google please change GOOGLE.

Email and Password Setting latest Pokecrot

Now for the email account settings and password on pokecrot v4.0 is quite easy, my friend stayed change which circled in the image below in the instructions, for example nih GoogleEmail yha yha was abolished and replaced the email buddy, that password is also well do not forget, examples below.

How to set the location of the latest pokecrot

for setting the location on this v4.0 pokecrot buddy must have version 3.8, it was bizarre buddy certainly also wondered why, well here pokecrot v3.8 serves as determination of latitude and longitude, the way is rather difficult anyway, the first mate must be open pokecrot v3.8 and go to the map and define the location of my friend, now in colom latitude and longitude below please copy

How to determine the location of the pokecrot v4.0

how to determine the location of pokecrot latest, well after the copy was the latitude and longitude of her, my friend returned to notepad ++ her and look like in the picture below, then paste that was in the red circle I've circled in the image below pal, remember copy and paste yha corresponding writings. if the latitude paste latitude, and vice versa.

It's latest Pokecrot bot

pokecrot bot latest tips, tips pretty easy my friend, if it is already in the store all settings in the notepad and run deh his PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe file, the result will be like this my friend, Bot pokecrot work 100% thank you for following the tutorial this.

Solution To avoid error pokecrot. Here I provide a tutorial on how to use pokecrot pokemon go, for how use auto bot pokemon go please read below, do not forget to download pokemon bot first well

How to use the latest pokecrot v4.1

To avoid errors such as grid should carry install friend who is my own download link above.

1.Before doing BOT comrade must turn off 2-step Verification google account, then here's how: Find the "Sign Security" on the "My Account", then select 2-step Verification and sign dengna deactivate your account and then select 2-step Verification and OK

2.After the download di pokecrot in the download link I have provided above, extract the files pokecrot -> open pokemonGO.RocketAPI.Console pictorial Pokeball which has a size of around 632Kb.

3.Right-click and select Open, or click 2x course, there will appear a new window on the account information -> account Type, by account pokemon go buddy, if my friend using gmail or email select google if using PTC select pokemon trainer club, then enter your email and password.

4.see the location setting, if my friend wanted to change the latitude and longitude pal select set location

5.On menu bot setting there is Max duplicate Pokemon, max cp to transfer, max iv to transver
max duplicate pokemon = limit the number of pokemon
Max sp to transfer = limit cp pokemon wanting in transfer
Max to transfer = limit level pokemon wanting in transfer

6.The new features in this pokecrot bot that of other settings, here we will find whose name means Use Lucky Egg Lucky egg buddies will use when performing evolve.
Use Incense = My friend uses Incense
Evolve Pokemon if enough candy = evolve pokemon that has a lot of candy.
Enable Pokemon List GUI = The new features make the buddies know what is gained from the bag and be able to transfer and power up without opening the application pokemon go that we play.

7.Pokemon Not Transfer = pokemon that are not transferred automatically
Pokemon not to catch = pokemon are not captured.
Pokemon to evolve = pokemon in automatic evolution.

8.If we have arranged the steps above, and then save configuration and boat runs like this.

When my friend found it difficult to understand how to use the BOT pokecrot Pokemon Go on my friend can see the video tutorial, may be better understood.